Reel Jobs Film School

Reel Jobs Film School in the Medicine Root district village of Kyle, South Dakota on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation is a unique arts development program begun with the help of a USDA Rural Jobs Development Grant by Cloud Horse Art Institute.  


After five years of three-day-a-month intense classes, taught by industry professionals, Mallard's Road is the first narrative film to be finished by the mentors and students at Reel Jobs. It features a cast and crew of student talent under the direction of Daniel G. Snethen and produced by Tilda Long Soldier St. Pierre and Mark St. Pierre.


Reel Jobs is dedicated to a hands-on learning approach and committed to imparting a progression of filmmaking skills to passionate community members. The dream is creating a source for more Native American presence in the film crafts as well as the writing and production of stories from the Lakota community for a world hungry for meaning. 


If you are surprised at what we have been able to bring into existence with almost no resources, think of what we could do with more partners. If you would like to get involved and support our efforts with equipment, teaching ideas, opportunities for student work and travel, financial support, physical plant improvements, or just want to lean about what we are doing, please call Mark St. Pierre, Reel Jobs Program Director at 605-455-2972.